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The Deadly Jump Of Conclusions…by Amy Meyer

Have you found yourself taking the bait of illusions... straddling a valley of jumping to conclusion.... jostling between two cliffs of opinion...and challenged by God to climb higher in your perceptions? If so, you’ll want to listen in! Join me on my latest podcast in de-masking the cliff of conclusions!😅🙌🤓🧗‍♂️🏔

The Creative Power Of Loving Yourself…by Amy Meyer

Are you creating the reality you want? We’re more powerful than we know... And so are our beliefs, words, etc.. We’re called to love one another, but how will we do that if we’re not even loving or liking ourselves? Join me on this podcast and click below! You have Permission to LOVE YOURSELF!😃🎉❤️☝️

The Pendulum of Confidence…by Amy Meyer

The pendulum swing of being outside of your grace gifts, anointing, and designed positioning. How insecurities manifest when we’re out of alignment with who we truly are. And the oil of ease that opens up when we’re fully aligned!

When God Calls You To Switch Tracks…by Amy Meyer

Has the Grace lifted on the track you're currently on?  Has God been introducing a new path in your spirit to venture in? The struggle of comfortably meeting the risk of faith and trust? If so, listen to this message for some insight, confirmation, and courage to embrace the journey and adventure God has you on.

Why we are in Awakening now.

There is something wonderful happening all over the planet right now. It's called Awakening and people are being awakened to Agape Love like never before. Listen in to hear some thoughts on why I believe we are not waiting for another Great Awakening...we have already been in it and it's just the beginning to the amazing things we will see in the years to come. 

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If you’re out of alignment things will intensify until something or someone gives.

Alignment is a big deal when it comes to our lives...both spiritual and physical. Aligning in our intimacy with Christ, the calling and financially. Listen in for more. This is good!!

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Worry Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

This is a great message and impartation on Matthew 6. We told to forsake worry, but how do we do that? Listen in for more. 

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The Relational Rub….been struggling in relationships lately?

There's been a deep work on relationship interaction lately and there's a reason for it. The Relational Rub is necessary for where you are heading. 

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